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I have seen certain sprites in the files...

hehe, you've already seen the worst of it. should be fine to read.

:( I'm scared

I feel like I just shot a puppy in the face

that would have been more merciful, this the ruthless route. like i said, it's best to separate yourself from MC in these chapters

Some of them were way too brutal for me to handle, especially after getting attached to Asterion

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but was it worth it for the extra bits on the lore?

I suppose, I was curious who the narrator was, although I'd hope none of the lore given in the ruthless route won't come into play in the main route, because it feels like it would be a bit of a let down if you know what I mean, with that parting gift and all, it would just be in the back of my mind the whole time i'm playing new content

i'm sure we will get into it eventually. writing a story is a deliberate project, you don't put things you won't use later on, that's just bad. but this does gives you a different insight on good boy argos and hints some secrets of the labyrinth. just don't get ahead of yourself and enjoy the story as it comes. if you keep antecipating the destination you will miss out in the journey.