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Error in Script collide_slope_x_bottom at line 0 : no references to argument 0 but references argument 1 (Idem for _x2)

Is no a serious problem, just replace argument1 by argument0
According to GM versions, the bug does not appear...

Otherwise very good engine!

Thanks, I'll look into it... arguments checking is a relatively new thing compared to how long the YaruFPS code base has been around. I don't remember exactly how the script works, it might be that it uses the same argument signature as the other collide scripts but doesn't actually USE all the arguments.

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yes I have the same error in 1.4.999, might be older versions don't have it


Yeah, I looked into the code and there's commented-out code that used argument0 in the script. Change the first line into "var a = argument0, b = argument1;" (instead of "var a = argument1;") and the error should be fixed. (The collision scripts need a certain format because they're called using script_execute() depending on the object's terrain type, but not every script uses both arguments)