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This took a left turn for sure. My brain went through this: "oh it's gonna be a story-based mini JRPG alright!" then *mild disappointment* "oh it's a wave-based brawler" then "what the hell I died and am now talking to a spear?!

I like the characters, pixel art, and story bits. I wasn't able to get too far, went up to the evil boss and I think tried to possess him but the game ended because I didn't know his name. When it restarted the ghost was already there in the scene where the knight warns the king. So it's a tad janky, but I really enjoyed it and think you could span a bigger game out of this! 

Thanks for the feedback! If you possessed the boss then you had one of the endings (it's very short, yes), if you launched the game again from the menu after that, yeah I didn't even try and it's probably bugged.