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Interesting idea, broke my brain a wee bit for a while but I got the hang of it, tending to try and find places where a cross of five pipe pieces were clearly out of place all at once. The presentation's kind of crazy, but I'm really fond of how in-your-face it is! A couple of issues with 64x64 adherence though, eg pipe rotations were too smooth, but it's not a major hindrance because the game is clearly intended for 64x64 and fundamentally works at that resolution.

Good work!

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Thank you for the review! The rotation is indeed a bit off, but CSS tragically won't let me rotate in pixelated steps. It's correct at 64x64, as you note, which is how I justified it to myself :-)


I was going to comment about the 64x64 constraint too, but did you actually made the game using actual HTML? That was insane! 😅

Nice entry btw!

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Yup, it's HTML and CSS. (The flowing fluid is drawn programmatically with a canvas, but everything else is HTML and CSS.) Thank you!