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Thank you! Well my donate button means Itch doesn't get a cut, which is better for me, but it's only 10%, so I'll let you decide!

Hmm ok - I set up controls for more than 4 game pads but I should have tried to test it.  Hmmmmm after reading that thread I don't like my chances! I used Godot so it's up to however they handle input. 

I haven't looked into it thoroughly, but off the top of my head I have a couple options:

  • Get into the workings of Godot (it's open source) but that might cause differences between behaviour on the other platforms, which could be a nightmare...
  • Or save it for a potential re-write in SDL where I have more control... but I have to do a lot of extra work at the joystick level...

It will definitely require more time... I'll keep you updated...

Oh and to answer your question about the spawn points; I automatically generate them.  Anywhere there is a free space with solid ground below it, is a potential spawn point.  But this may not work with levels that have a gap where there is no escape from... I'm open to addressing this though.  Looking forward to those levels!

Donated :-)

Sounds like a good spawn strategy. Guessing some of the levels don’t have 8 spawn points so they’ll need to be tested and maybe categorized depending on how many players they support.

I don’t have access to the levels from where I’m at so I’ll send them some time on Sunday or Monday. 

Thank you for your extra donation! I really appreciate it... if we could share it around more that will help maybe other people want to do the same and fund more development time.

Well as long as there's 8 tiles of space free somewhere, the new game will find a place to spawn rabbits :)  So it should be ok.  If there is a problem with this on a particular level, it would be super rare...

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Levels are now sent via the contact form. Let me know if there are any issues accessing them via the link.
If you want to preview the levels I dug out an archived version of brainchild designs website:

Thanks, I got it :) I hope they contain all the ones from the website too...

It could be. I downloaded them many years ago. I was pretty thorough so I wouldn't be surprised if they are all there.

I found this archived site too:

The all levels zip still works.

Thanks man! It does look like they're all there :)  That's a good find! I was dismayed when the web archive of the original site didn't have the zips.

I found  it via the archive of:

The link was  “Level Mirror #1”.


Hahah... I should have looked harder - I think I was really bummed that I missed out on a website that was up for 20 YEARS STRAIGHT and I got a handful of levels from it in a hurry, (all the while, telling myself I should just get them all while I can, and not put it off) and then when I came back ONE WEEK later to fulfill my duty - the site is gone...

I actually believe my downloading caused a bandwidth spike on some account and someone realised they didn't want to pay for the webspace anymore and took it down!

Might actually be what happened :-O