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I can confirm that it works on Windows 10 (64 bit). 

I like the multiplayer mechanic where players are eliminated if they can't keep up. 

Great that it supports so many local players :-)

If you ever find the time to get back to this game it would be interesting to see how it would play with a "Scorch went bonkers" one button control scheme. (http://wasyl.eu/games/scorch-went-bonkers.html)

Good work! And good luck with the next 28 games for this year :-)

I love jump n bump and i have 8 gamepads. Would be cool if 8 gamepads could be used in the game. Noticed that you use ReWired for input. According to documentation it's possible to switch off accessing the gamepads via XInput so you could access 8 XInput gamepads via DirectInput instead of only 4.

<font>I think the most crucial thing for the platformer to feel more fluent is to so players don't stutter and get stuck when colliding with walls of objects. </font>

<font>Also couldn't get 8 players to work since gamepads and keyboard players control the same 4 players.</font>

Keep up the good work!

Cool game. Love that it supports 8 players.

If you make a desktop version it would be awesome if it would support 8 gamepads via DirectInput.  :-)

The thing with these controllers is that all 8 controllers are accessible via DirectInput and 4 of them are also accessible via XInput at the same time. So it is technically possible for 4 of them to be accessed via XInput and the rest via DirectInput. The problem is that it is not easy to know which 4 controllers to skip via DirectInput since the enumeration order can differ and I don't think XInput exposes a unique ID of the controller so all frameworks I have dug into that support both DirectInput and XInput at the same time skip all of the XInput controllers on the DirectInput side when XInput is "activated". I've seen these approaches to dealing with supporting more than 4 XInput controllers in games:

  • Only use DirectInput
  • Have an option to disable XInput to allow for more than 4 XInput devices.
  • Automatically switch to DirectInput if more than 4 XInput controllers are connected. (not so common)

The reason some games have XInput as the default and an option to disable it is that some weird controller issues reported by a smaller set of users "disappear" when accessed via XInput. Also XBox360 controllers via DirectInput don't have rumble effect and triggers are on the same axis so holding both triggers is detected as none of them being pressed. This is due to the XBox360 driver being poorly implemented.

Great that you've added these things. :-)

I discovered something just now. The Jam version detects  8 XBox360 controllers but since Update 1, only 4 controllers and a keyboard player can play.

Did you by chance switch to XInput for controller handling?

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Verified that deadzone is fixed and fullscreen works with the latest update :-)


Guess me and my kids will have to practice some more then ;-)

Glad to hear that you plan to fix these glitches :-)

(Posted about Defend The Night in a Steam discussion thread about games for more than 4 local players: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/morethan4localmultiplayer/discussions/0/1546440... )

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Tested now with 8 wired XBox360 controllers (just by myself octopus style) and it works!
Another detail: On my computer going fullscreen with Alt+Enter gives me a black screen.

By the way what's the current known record for 4 players? My kids and I haven't made it passed the U-shaped aliens at 123 seconds. Wondering if the increase in difficulty is a bit steep or if it's just that my kids are 4, 7 and 8 years old and can't give me the backup I need. ;-)

Really cool game!
Loving the coop mechanics. Tested with 4 players.
Great tutorial without it I would've been a bit lost.

If you continue working on the game please:
* Increase the deadzone for the gamepads
* Give each player a different color or some kind of player indicator to more easily locate your player.

Tested some more. I got an XBox360 controller to work if it was assigned to Control #4.

Haven't tested extensively though but it seems that they don't work if they are assigned to Control #0-Control#3.

The issue with only being able to use 4 XBox360 controllers remains.

Thanks for responding.

Tested now with: Version 0.8dev vom 02.02.2017

It is easier to assign thumbsticks now but I still can't assign more than 4 XBox360 controllers, this is probably because Rewired is set to use XInput instead of DirectInput for these devices.

Also in the test version I am unable to add a player using an XBox360 controller. When I add the user with the keyboard I am unable to control the character with the game pad..

I am however able to add and control a player with a non-XInput controller.

Tried to get 8 XBox360 controllers to work.
The first 4 could be mapped to controls correctly with DPads and buttons (thumbsticks were a bit too sensitive to map).
The 5th controller wasn't detected except for the buttons.
Would be great if more than 4 controllers would work with the game. :-)

Keep up the good work!

Interesting game.

I have 8 wired Microsoft XBox360 gamepads. When I connect them and start the game "only" 7 of them are detected by the game.

PS: I started a last man standing mode and tried to knock out the players standing still but ended up knocking myself out first. What am I doing wrong?

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Great concept for a co-op game.
I tried it with my kids today and they really liked it. :-)

Feedback regarding gamepad controls:
* More deadzone needed. When releasing the thumbstick the character sometimes moves.
* Move characters in thumbstick angle (not just 45 degrees).
(* Let how far you pull the thumbstick control the speed of characters. Not really needed but nice to have.)

With improved controls I'd definately use the game as a team exercise at work. :-)

Very interesting game. I'm wondering if I'm missing something though. The description says 4vs1 but when I play the game I only manage to get 3 vs 1???

Is there an AI controlled player in split screen?

Good game.
Would love to see this evovle to 4 players or more. :o)
(By the way the description still says: "Now free!!!")