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Tested now with 8 wired XBox360 controllers (just by myself octopus style) and it works!
Another detail: On my computer going fullscreen with Alt+Enter gives me a black screen.

By the way what's the current known record for 4 players? My kids and I haven't made it passed the U-shaped aliens at 123 seconds. Wondering if the increase in difficulty is a bit steep or if it's just that my kids are 4, 7 and 8 years old and can't give me the backup I need. ;-)

Really cool game!
Loving the coop mechanics. Tested with 4 players.
Great tutorial without it I would've been a bit lost.

If you continue working on the game please:
* Increase the deadzone for the gamepads
* Give each player a different color or some kind of player indicator to more easily locate your player.

Tested some more. I got an XBox360 controller to work if it was assigned to Control #4.

Haven't tested extensively though but it seems that they don't work if they are assigned to Control #0-Control#3.

The issue with only being able to use 4 XBox360 controllers remains.

Thanks for responding.

Tested now with: Version 0.8dev vom 02.02.2017

It is easier to assign thumbsticks now but I still can't assign more than 4 XBox360 controllers, this is probably because Rewired is set to use XInput instead of DirectInput for these devices.

Also in the test version I am unable to add a player using an XBox360 controller. When I add the user with the keyboard I am unable to control the character with the game pad..

I am however able to add and control a player with a non-XInput controller.

Tried to get 8 XBox360 controllers to work.
The first 4 could be mapped to controls correctly with DPads and buttons (thumbsticks were a bit too sensitive to map).
The 5th controller wasn't detected except for the buttons.
Would be great if more than 4 controllers would work with the game. :-)

Keep up the good work!

Interesting game.

I have 8 wired Microsoft XBox360 gamepads. When I connect them and start the game "only" 7 of them are detected by the game.

PS: I started a last man standing mode and tried to knock out the players standing still but ended up knocking myself out first. What am I doing wrong?

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Great concept for a co-op game.
I tried it with my kids today and they really liked it. :-)

Feedback regarding gamepad controls:
* More deadzone needed. When releasing the thumbstick the character sometimes moves.
* Move characters in thumbstick angle (not just 45 degrees).
(* Let how far you pull the thumbstick control the speed of characters. Not really needed but nice to have.)

With improved controls I'd definately use the game as a team exercise at work. :-)

Very interesting game. I'm wondering if I'm missing something though. The description says 4vs1 but when I play the game I only manage to get 3 vs 1???

Is there an AI controlled player in split screen?

Good game.
Would love to see this evovle to 4 players or more. :o)
(By the way the description still says: "Now free!!!")