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I would actually be someone who would participate in Yurijam over Barajam;; So whomever gave you that warning was right! (Here's the game I helped make for last year's Yurijam by the way.) November would probably be your best best imo, otherwise sometime in 2019?

Good luck with everything!

Hi DCS, so a bunch of other VN creators have reached out stating that they would be more inclined to participate should BaraJam be in Nov. So I think it's safe to announce that I'll be hosting BaraJam to begin Nov.1st instead. 

Also I didn't know you participating in YuriJam as well! Your style is very much your own and could never be mistakened for anyone elses. It looks like a wonderful submission ^_^

Sounds awesome! 💖 I still don't think I'll have time to participate (Oct--Dec is very busy for me) but I'm excited to see what people make!