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Hi DCS! No of course, no problem, I'm just glad you heard me out and passed the message along to your partner Arcade Party. 

Honestly, it may not even be in October as it depends on interest, but also a friend mentioned that BaraJam's proposed duration would overlap YuriJam. And although my spidey-senses say that those wanting to participate in YuriJam wouldn't probably not participate in BaraJam anyways, I could be wrong and YuriJam IS still one of the BIG ones. 

In anycase, I appreciate you leaving this up and if you just help spread that word, that's all I could ask for. ^_^ Thanks! 

I would actually be someone who would participate in Yurijam over Barajam;; So whomever gave you that warning was right! (Here's the game I helped make for last year's Yurijam by the way.) November would probably be your best best imo, otherwise sometime in 2019?

Good luck with everything!

Hi DCS, so a bunch of other VN creators have reached out stating that they would be more inclined to participate should BaraJam be in Nov. So I think it's safe to announce that I'll be hosting BaraJam to begin Nov.1st instead. 

Also I didn't know you participating in YuriJam as well! Your style is very much your own and could never be mistakened for anyone elses. It looks like a wonderful submission ^_^

Sounds awesome! 💖 I still don't think I'll have time to participate (Oct--Dec is very busy for me) but I'm excited to see what people make!