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hi! i got this and its very fun and really good and my players had ideas for their character’s profession backstory!! and its thanks to that interest that one of my players noticed a mistake on one of the Tinker’s abilities! the text just abruptly ends without wthout finishing the last crafting option!! just thought i would let you know not only to know what that option’s ending is, but also so other people who buy this can get a version that doesnt have such problem!! ^^ heres the problem btw!!

Thank you for letting me know! Did you or the player have any ideas about what the shard of glass might show? I'd love to incorporate that into the background as a sort of thank you. 

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Oh you’re welcome! and thank you so much!! That is very nice of you ^^

The player did have an idea for what that one crafting option could be! Following the advice that it should be entertaining but not overly useful, they came up with this:

“A shard of glass that, when looked through, shows what happened to an inspected object in the area up to 10 minutes prior.”

Thanks in advance ^^

Has the supplement been updated?