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Seconding or uh, third-ding this??? anyway point is, id LOVE to play this so much

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Does this in any way change the subtitles that are shown? Because I would love to install this to have the japanese voices in the song, but also I’m playing with a fan translation to Spanish, and it would be a bit weird if suddenly the subtitles for the ending song were in english, specially because the spanish fansubs were made more based on the japanese lyrics than the english ones ^^u

It’s been 9 months since you posted this and I’d like to know the same! ^^

thank you!! i made this at a very early stage in “development” and a buncha stuff already changed, plus i’ve started a bit of a huge art-block so i haven’t worked on the project for a while, but i’ll return and make a one-episode demo as soon as possible!! (“as soon as possible” still meaning a very long time, probably, but still. i thought it was important to clarify)

hi! is this the full version you said you were gonna make, or the same game from before? i will most likely buy it regardless cuz i really like it and wanna support you and stuff, i just wanna know!

Hi!! This looks really good, but I need to ask before buying; does this work exactly like it does on mobile, what with having different packs you gotta buy separately and all? If it is, then it’s okay, this question is only to make a consideration and see if I can afford it or not!!

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Oh you’re welcome! and thank you so much!! That is very nice of you ^^

The player did have an idea for what that one crafting option could be! Following the advice that it should be entertaining but not overly useful, they came up with this:

“A shard of glass that, when looked through, shows what happened to an inspected object in the area up to 10 minutes prior.”

Thanks in advance ^^

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hi! i got this and its very fun and really good and my players had ideas for their character’s profession backstory!! and its thanks to that interest that one of my players noticed a mistake on one of the Tinker’s abilities! the text just abruptly ends without wthout finishing the last crafting option!! just thought i would let you know not only to know what that option’s ending is, but also so other people who buy this can get a version that doesnt have such problem!! ^^ heres the problem btw!!

hi!! i got this supplement and i LOVED it! ive always wondered what to do in downtimes and how to keep them interesting without resorting to just do another highstakes adventure. this will definitely help me and my party a lot!!

i did find some small typos and formatting errors which i fixed so my players may understand with no hiccups (as minor as the hiccups actually are).

i’d be willing to send you the fixed version if you want (for free of course, as i said it was just minor typoes and formatting errors, nothing big)! i could just tell you where the mistakes are but its easier to just send you the file so you dont have to do it!

so yeah, tell me if i should send it your way and i will ^^

GOD this looks cool!! i wish i had the money to get it right now but as soon as i do and play a session or two, ill be making my review of it!

So, any ways to fix it?
As I said I've tried desactivating Avast and the result is no different.
Should I get other antivirus that doesn't mess with itch or something like that?

Yeah, I use Avast. 

Actually, I've already tried deactivating it while installation was going but it always reached the same result with or without so I don't know if it's that.

Every time I try and install itch it stops and shows me this

An this is what the error tells me it is, but I don't really understand what it means or how I should fix it since I know NOTHING about the technical aspects of stuff.

What should I do to fix this and be able to install and open itch as normal?

I'm kiind of stuck at the infinite sign part? You know that one, where it just glitches and the about has a danger sign followed by infinite.
Well, that part. I've been stuck on this for some weeks, to the point I stopped trying and only know I tried again and still in doubt.

I'm probably just dumb, but that's why I ask for help in the first place, right?