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I should’ve said black & white 😁. But I’ll take what I can get. Thanx for being so responsive!

Any chance of printer-friendly 1-up version being made available. My janky printer isn’t playing nicely w/ the background.

Need your help w/ a clarification. Magic & Cursed Items (p32). № 3 is Ring (holds 1 MD). Should this be something else (+1 WIL, +1 [L/HL], etc)?

Is there a maximum level for XP advancement & HP gain?


Just found out about GLAIVE b/c of the HOME KS. So, I'm waaayyyy late to the party. Any chance of you making the older versions available?

(prebuilds sound like something that would be useful for some of my players)

Has the supplement been updated?

Don’t thank me yet. Went looking around more while I was waiting for your answer. Mostly by digging around in The Dusky Dragon Inn — what a great homage to a childhood favorite! — and noticed that none of the Wildling stat blocks (in either the PH or DDI) have Alertness listed as an ability.

Regardless, I’m really enjoying HoA. Thanx for creating this game and sharing with the world!

Sorry to piggy-back on my post. Another Wildling question. Under the Upbringing section one of the backgrounds (1)  gains the Pilfer skill. I’m assuming that should be Sleight of Hand?

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Do Wildlings get the Alertness ability? It’s not listed under the Wildling Attributes (Abilities) section. But the ability is listed under the Wildling Abilities section (Players Handbook, p27).

Thanx for the reply and the additional details!

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In Pitchforks & Witches the following conversion is listed:

B/X Conversion: Health = HP, Defence = AC, CHK = Base attack bonus

Is this formula also applicable to Heroes of Adventure?

Minor typo in the Treasure Generator supplement - Table A: Treasure Type, the 2nd column says “Va;ue”.