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Hi thanks for your support, I did the port of Alice Sister to Dreamcast and Genesis (in fact, it is a genesis game that I made, and then ported it to PC and Dreamcast), so the version they will release is my version, I just granted them the right to publish is as I don't have the time anymore to publish it myself.

Cheers bud, good to know!

I am extremely impressed by this port and pleased with my purchase. I read some place this is your last game. I hope you do well in whatever you choose to do from here, but it's sad to lose such an excellent creator. Excellent work bud. If you do ever make another one, I'm buying.

Will a genesis ROM be available? I saw they were selling a physical copy.. thank you

no rom available sorry, the Dreamcast and Genesis/Megadrive versions are exclusive to Pixel Heart physical release.

Bummer, I guess I'll never play it then. 

you can play it on PC for now, maybe soon on GBA, PS1 or even Switch !

If I can buy the GBA ROM or PS1 BIN CUE or physical switch I'll happily support. Thanks for creating the game and having stellar interactions with community.