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Where TF do I get lazyboot?

I should probably add, your thread on sega16 sent me here. That stuff works bud.

I just threw you a couple bucks, hope it all works out because this is a super cool project. I'll definitely buy a full version

That's cool scros. I'll buy a cart and rip it and when folks ask I won't feel even the tiniest bit of guilt when I just give them a rom. 15 for a demo = fuck you hard.

Tiger Claw community · Created a new topic Very cool

There's plenty on the main page about the game. I just wanted to tell any reader, yup, it's legit, they're not overselling anything and it's well worth supporting with a little money.

I made a Dreamcast port if devs are interested.  No LEDs, autobooting, it's nice. Works on both real hardware and redream.

I am extremely impressed by this port and pleased with my purchase. I read some place this is your last game. I hope you do well in whatever you choose to do from here, but it's sad to lose such an excellent creator. Excellent work bud. If you do ever make another one, I'm buying.

A steam key? Why can't I download it here? I'll give 5 bucks extra to not have to get on Steam.

Can it run fds games as well

Super cool bud, I'll buy it when you're ready. 

Neat, still working on it?

Cheers bud, good to know!

Hi, bought it on steam and I'm really enjoying it, but then I seen it's also on Dreamcast and maybe Genesis one day. That's really cool except Pixel makes me nervous to buy from because they make bad ports. I'd be more willing to buy the game in other formats if I knew they just distribute it and you (Orion) actually did the porting.

You nailed it then bud. It is very accessible without being so easy that it's boring. You should be proud.

Fairly easy game. Graphics are vibrant and sounds are nice.  Addicting enough for me to go straight through it.  The label looks like a child drew it though.

A very well done game. Super fun, super addicting, well worth the money. 

This is super cool and you're super cool for sharing! Thanks a bunch!