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Thank you!

Thanks for offering the ROM by itself! I passed on the physical NES game and the physical digital version as well previously even though I thought they looked like amazing products. I was just hoping it would be available digital only and now it is. Going to hopefully boot it up on mister sometime soon or through an Everdrive. Thanks again

Thanks for the link. I completely forgot I own 2 of those from raphnet already.

Is there a link to an adapter to use the SNES mouse with an NES?

If I can buy the GBA ROM or PS1 BIN CUE or physical switch I'll happily support. Thanks for creating the game and having stellar interactions with community.

Bummer, I guess I'll never play it then. 

Will a genesis ROM be available? I saw they were selling a physical copy.. thank you

Awesome!!! Thank you, I'm very much looking forward to it.

I see the demo but is there a full ROM available to download for free or purchase planned?

I was wondering if you could provide screenshots that show the difference between the free version and the steam version. This game sounds right up my alley, looking forward to whatever else in the "Museum " series you decide to release.

Is only the GBC ROM available now? I Would like to experience both of the ROMs.

 I had played this in browser before and came back to purchase now that I finally have my Analogue pocket and I can't support through any longer.

What happened to the Free GB ROM (non colored) of Pine Creek?

Also what happened to the price of $3? It looks like it is now $9. Does the $9 version come with both ROMs so I can play it in color or non color?. please help. Thank you

I've been hoping for a ROM since this game was first mentioned. Any update on if it will be offered for sale?

Thank you