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yes, it works on Virtual Jaguar

you can play it on PC for now, maybe soon on GBA, PS1 or even Switch !

no rom available sorry, the Dreamcast and Genesis/Megadrive versions are exclusive to Pixel Heart physical release.

the physical version for ps1 is sold out, but the dreamcast version is available in my orion puzzle compilation (yopaz + yopaz 3D)

I made games for about 13 consoles/computers, that mean 13 platforms to learn, I guess that is about enough, learning the saturn would be very time consuming for no real market I guess.

I didn't even know that MiSTer FPGA had a Jaguar core, try to contact the core developper.

Hi thanks for your support, I did the port of Alice Sister to Dreamcast and Genesis (in fact, it is a genesis game that I made, and then ported it to PC and Dreamcast), so the version they will release is my version, I just granted them the right to publish is as I don't have the time anymore to publish it myself.

It's in the "Elansar Jaguar" file that you can download if you bought the game.

unfortunately the game is too complex for the jaguar. I could try a port but it would be downgraded (and Jaguar CD only)

The physical release is sold out, no plan for another run due to very low demand

unfortunately I have no news about the Megadrive version despite multiple email I've sent to the publisher ...maybe try to contact them too.

the game was originally made for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive, and also ported to the Dreamcast, those were sold to the publisher Pixel Heart, the Dreamcast version will be released very soon, but I have no news about the Megadrive version despite multiple email I've sent to the publisher ...

I sent you an email, if gdemu can read ".cue/.bin" file format, then I can provide you with Elansar and Philia in this format on digital download.


the dreamcast version is still available here