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pretty fun little neon isaac

i think the game could use more personality right now, i like the clean art but its all a bit plain . i found the flashing when i shoot to be a bit annoying

Hey, it's a shame that some features annoyed you! There's a toggle being implimented currently for various visual effects so I'll be sure to add that to the list. The personality of the game is intended to be shown via the art style and music, is there anything you think I could do better to put that across?

hmmmm, thats pretty tough to answer.. i don't know what the personality of the game is really except retro neon / isaac copy. If theres more to it than that, then you might have to try and communicate it in a stronger way.

Have you seen the new changes? I've taken the game in a more classic Zelda direction and stripped alot of the pure Isaac features. I'd love to see how you view it now :D

Seemed nicer, better pacing :)

Great :D I worked on a new enemy system to hopefully make it steadily ramp up in difficulty and variety :D