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Hi. I just finished playing a few rounds on your game and I wanted to answer your questions.

1. Yeah, the intro of the game makes it pretty clear.

2. Usually it's simple, with the first object I already understood how to solve the puzzles.  I only had a problem rotating the can and figuring out the correct angle of the katana and the phone.

3. On my first round I felt in a rush, mostly because I thought the white bar was a time limit and I was having issues solving the second puzzle. But after that I felt more relaxed, I think the music helps.

4. Yeah, it felt better. I already knew the controls and usually didn't get stuck on the puzzle.

5. no. don't try it.  Also my computer wasn't connected to the internet so I couldn't check that.

Overall, the game was really good. The music helps making the game relaxing, the visuals are nice and the controls were easy to understand, I really enjoyed playing it.

also, just out of curiosity. why is the milk carton the same size of the katana?


Thank you for playing  and giving me nice feedback :)

And great question, to that I say, why isn't the milk carton the size of the guitar? Why is it bound to this tiny cubic space society gave it? I think milk should be even bigger than the sofa. This picture expresses the size of ideal milk box perfectly. Dani for scale.