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Glad to hear that you liked it mate!

Good job on the video and thanks ;)

twitter link

Thank you for playing  and giving me nice feedback :)

And great question, to that I say, why isn't the milk carton the size of the guitar? Why is it bound to this tiny cubic space society gave it? I think milk should be even bigger than the sofa. This picture expresses the size of ideal milk box perfectly. Dani for scale.

Good job

good job!, definitely the coolest looking submarine in the gamejam 😄

What a sick game, well done mate

Thank you alot :) I'm happy you liked it.

Really cool game ngl, it's fluid, and i love the animations and sounds.

It should definitely have some type of health indicator tho. And score text.

You could also add a little animation for the water, just very slowly moving up and down.

Thank you for the feedback, i guess the easy fix would be to move the objects a bit offcenter, so if its in wrong direction, you can see the outline doesnt line up. Hopefully that clears it up a bit. 


Hello guys,

if you could give me some feedback on my game Beach Watch by hexiy (, I'd appreciate it alot!

Did you intuitively get a grasp of controls the first time you played it?(1 round is 3 minutes).

Is rotating the objects too hard? Unintuitive perhaps? 

Do you feel more relaxed/or in a rush playing the game(with music on)?

Did it feel better playing for the second time?

After looking at leaderboard, do you feel you want to climb to the top?

Thank you for your feedback :')


Hey, if u still want to play some games, you can try mine :) i just finished it Beach Watch by hexiy (

If you're still playing :D Beach Watch by hexiy ( here's mine

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Thanks 🖤

what is you talking about