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It was fun. Checkpoints would've been appreciated though.

I just thought of this but, what if instead of choosing one of the attacks at random when both have the same speed, none of the attacks hit and they both still consume stamina? This would give information to the player about the enemy's attacks and would avoid this scenario from repeating forever. I'm not sure.

I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot, the way you used the sound effects in "An Unusual character" was very creative and funny. My favorite track was Sunny.

Although it's unfinished I really enjoyed just swimming around the map. Hope to see more of this game in the future.

Hi. I just finished playing a few rounds on your game and I wanted to answer your questions.

1. Yeah, the intro of the game makes it pretty clear.

2. Usually it's simple, with the first object I already understood how to solve the puzzles.  I only had a problem rotating the can and figuring out the correct angle of the katana and the phone.

3. On my first round I felt in a rush, mostly because I thought the white bar was a time limit and I was having issues solving the second puzzle. But after that I felt more relaxed, I think the music helps.

4. Yeah, it felt better. I already knew the controls and usually didn't get stuck on the puzzle.

5. no. don't try it.  Also my computer wasn't connected to the internet so I couldn't check that.

Overall, the game was really good. The music helps making the game relaxing, the visuals are nice and the controls were easy to understand, I really enjoyed playing it.

also, just out of curiosity. why is the milk carton the same size of the katana?