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Thanks for playing!   Luring enemies into pushing the bomb for me has been the only way I've completed it as well  haha.   And I've just made it more difficult to complete by adding  an end boss that can drop obstacles!   I've really only played it solo myself, even though it's designed to be a coop game.   Haven't had a chance to test actual coop.  I'm hoping that the game is more fun the more players you add to it.

Haha, Well that might be the authentic experience, cause I was sitting here trying to do it by myself with two controllers. I'm curious how having 3 actual players would work. It's nice that you can push it faster with everyone behind it, but my bet is it'll always be better to just have one person push and everyone else in front constantly firing with max level blasters.

that's a good point.  I could add some kind of enemy that comes running up from behind to change that routine.  Could be a pretty funny shock.  Maybe flying enemies that dive bomb players and carry them away.