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awesome! i'm glad you enjoyed it

that's a good point.  I could add some kind of enemy that comes running up from behind to change that routine.  Could be a pretty funny shock.  Maybe flying enemies that dive bomb players and carry them away.

Thanks for playing!   Luring enemies into pushing the bomb for me has been the only way I've completed it as well  haha.   And I've just made it more difficult to complete by adding  an end boss that can drop obstacles!   I've really only played it solo myself, even though it's designed to be a coop game.   Haven't had a chance to test actual coop.  I'm hoping that the game is more fun the more players you add to it.

If anyone manages to play it with more than 2 controllers let me know! 

made in Gamemaker Studio 1.4

i'd love to, but i am without a mac at the moment. 

Awesome I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Great video.  You seemed to get the mechanics right away, which made me happy!  Note that you can steal bases more often-- you don't always need to wait for the pitch!

Great video!  Thanks so much for playing.  There is an ending, but it is not easy to get to.  I've been considering other Horror Sports mini-games since I had so much fun making this one...  if I could find a novel twist for each one perhaps. 

is it just one of those "... is not commonly downloaded" warnings?

maybe you're confusing confusion with TERROR!  (maybe not) but thanks for playing :D

hehe awesome. I think that makes you the second person on Earth to ever see that end screen. 

Man, thanks so much for playing!  Loved the video.  I've posted an updated build today with some minor tweaks.  Hopefully some things are more clear.   The enemies are a little more consistent, and the collision pushing you away while you go forward is fixed.  

:D thanks for playing! "nice n' chill" was about the scope I was aiming for.

subjective ending achieved!