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I found the game takes a little getting used to but I had a surprisingly decent time playing turn-based Basketball! I'm not very good at tactical games so I may not be the best judge of this, but I felt like the AI was brutally difficult in the first game then it kind of was a pushover in subsequent levels. 

My thoughts on what might it better include better or more consistent feedback that any player on the field still has remaining moves. It seems like its meant to be that dudes that are brighter and jigglin are the ones with moves left but this system seems to break randomly.

While the AI is very difficult, it does feel very well made. I imagine its gonna be a rarity to make a comment on a game-jam game that the AI is too good lol. 

Interface was solid, though I was initially confused how to actually start a move on a selected player. Cancelling also needs to be clearer, I'm not sure anywhere indicated that hitting escape would cancel a move, Some kind of undo feature might be appreciated too for accidentally confirming bad moves.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

I agree with your comment on the AI difficulty. I think I may have over-tuned it to the level 1 stage. It's essentially applying the same tactics no matter what stage it's on, but the impassable terrain on stages 2 and 3 definitely mess with their plans. It feels kind of weird, but I wonder if I should have swapped level 1 and 3. At one point I considered making the AI a little less aggressive on offense in level 1 because you have to make basically no errors or they will dunk on you (literally). 

The player move indicator was a struggle for us in development. You weren't seeing a bug; you were seeing an edge case. Essentially players can move and "attack" once per turn, so we turn off the highlight once they've done both. However... technically you can move and have no options to attack right now. But if another teammate pushes an opponent into you, you can then take a push attack action (or a pass if you're passed the ball). So we can't really turn off their highlight after just moving. Or, rather, we could, but we lose some strategy and potentially frustrate players the other way. It's an annoying issue. We talked about adding color coding or icons, but I didn't like the increased complexity of adding weird iconography.

Good point on pressing Esc to cancel out of movement options. Definitely it could make sense to include the text "Press Esc to Cancel" in the bottom left when you're choosing. I agree with your opinion on Undo as well. It's annoying to make a bad move by accident or whatever. Since there's no RNG, it should technically be allowed to just totally go back to the beginning of your turn if you want to play it differently as well as going back player actions. This feature idea crossed my mind during development, but it was a touch too annoying to code so I didn't get around to it. RIP.

Thanks again for your time and feedback!