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Hey guys,

I am Akshat. I know you can't pronounce that, so just call me Akay.

I have took several courses to learn how to make games with unity. So i would say i have some experience with Unity but not so much with 3d modeling softwares. I am going to learn to make assets with Blender or 3ds Max.

Good luck everyone

hey there Akay! unfortunately this jam is already over! maybe consider checking out our tumblr for updates on the next jam session?

I'd like to thank everyone involved in organising this game jam. It was my first and I was impressed with how accessible it was made. I've since been looking for another to do, but none has come close to having the "community" feeling that this one had, even before I signed up.

I achieved a big personal milestone by doing this GJ and it was all thanks to you organisers...So I sincerely thank you and I hope all of you read this. I'd love it if you made more regular game jams to help beginners gain more confidence and experience. I'd sign up every time, as I feel like there's now a void for my particular skill level and that sense of community really helped.