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You may use pre-made assets, either made by you, from a previous project, or from a marketplace. You should, however, indicate if the work is 100% original or if assets were sourced from an online marketplace. As such, these should be noted with credit given to the original creators in your submission.

Okay I Understand, and I wouldn't use assets of others without giving them Credit for it.(They made it) I want to use all Original assets, but if in a pinch if we could.

Thank You,

The Twisted Monk

Great! We look forward to seeing you in the jam and on the server!

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Hello McQuigan,

The Twisted Monk here with a really simple question about the Senscape Adventurous Game Jam.

How do I Summit my game for this Jam?

Sorry if this was not a good place to reach you, but the  only way I have. This is my first ever Game Jam, or anything like this. (If you didn't know already lol) I don't want to miss the Deadline, and any Information on this would be great.

Thank You,

The Twisted Monk

EDIT: I see how you summit the entries now.. I've Been up for way to long, Sorry.

Oh good, I'm so glad you found it~!
Others had the same question; we'll have to make sure we mention it next year!
I'm around ten hours' time zone difference from you right now :-), so replies may take a while here; on the server is a quicker way to get an answer.