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Thank you for the quick reply, you're very kind.

My Windows version is 7 Ultimate 32 bit, so it's x86, if I'm right.

I followed your instructions and now the game start but I have other problems:
- the game take few minutes to load the scenario. Is it normal?
- a red halo cover the dashboard area:
- when I try to configure the JoyMapping (I checked " JoyEnabled"), the game recognizes my Logitech G29 but when I press any pedals or turn the steering wheels, nothing happens except that the first time, the calibration of JRotX, JRotY, RGL0 and RGL1 fully moves to left and remains there. If I press buttons like X or R2 the the program recognizes them by "JoyKeys pressed" but +, -, enter and other buttons aren't recognized, not even by "Key inputs".

for red halo you can try this it might take a while to reassemble effects for first time.

29 here's how to calibrate it

Sorry for late reply, I was cleaning the laptop because the main problem with the game: the game runs very slow (latency) and the CPU usage jumps to 100%! No other application runs except the usuals that keeps the CPU under 10%. Can you suggest me how setting the game (or something in the laptop) to solve that problem?

I replaced the FX folder with the one downloaded at the link you posted but for now the red halo seems vanished, thanks :)

The link for G29 is not new for me. The problem I found out was the usb input (solved) but now I have another problem: the pedal inputs results similar to G25/G27 and I don't know how exactly the racing wheel works, just because the main issue.

Maybe this screenshots can help:

on log it shows 1 axis, you might need to install logitech drivers for windows(you can download them from site) in those drivers you must set it so steering wheel will be 900 degress and there you can also remap buttong, after that console should show that you have 2 axises.