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I enjoyed that game, I felt the ending was a bit sudden but I think the goal was to change the sun and not destroy it :P  Good graphics and built pretty clean.  5/5  There is also the website if you want to put it there too.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


Thanks for a very nice let's play and indeed you are correct, the sun has run out of energy and is turning into a red gigant. Using the power of Ley Lines and science, you just saved the solar system, huzza! I'll look into that page for sure, thanks again!


We had to rework a lot of the levels during the final sprints of the project as the older ones didn't really work with what the game turned out to be. We'd love to have a longer game but time is a real tough enemy :p 

The jury we presented the game to got to see a presentation with the (somewhat loose) backstory to the game which will explain the reason for the actions in the game, sadly we didn't really have time to explain everything in-game!