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You are trying to sell a game made in 3 days for a game jam, meaning most of us can't rate your game. I would really advise not attempting to sell a game jam game, if you feel you most, ask for a donation as $3.99 is frankly terrible. There isn't any screenshots and people are just going to risk spending this money, it feels like a money grab

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I have free copies (I set up forty) and I am not new to this. Don't take it if you don't want a physical game, this isn't an airport and you don't need to announce your departure.


Damn, the price of a cup of coffee? How dare.


1. Don't speak for others. No one is an expert of everyone.

2. Are you giving advice or trying to be mean? If you are giving advice your tone is mean. If you are being mean, stop. The world is overflowing with mean.

3. Here's a virtual hug. I won't pretend to understand what caused you to poo on another humans creative endeavor but if you are going through stuff, imagine a handsome stranger giving you a cozy ole hug.


I'm guessing you aren't aware of the norms of the physical games community on Itch, but it's very common and socially expected for people to submit paid physical games to game jams and to be paid for their work in general. That's something the indie video game community can learn from the indie analog games community. Don't devalue your work!