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Thank you, yeah I wanted sounds to indicate the next move an enemy would apear, I started the game late but those are just excuses haha.

Hahah tell me about it, i had many things planned, and sadly many bugs that are obvious now but I missed before the time. Gotta love Gamejams, but I do like some of the bugs sometimes.

Got a MGS meets among us vibe, I really thought it was fun, though a bit unfairly hard, I really didn't like having to completely restart over each time (Was more times than I care to admit haha), I think having a tell where the enemy is going to change direction to, or even rotate rather than switching, and making the hitbox of the light smaller would give the player a bit more chance and make the game feel more "Fair", I'd also speed up the character movement some, but that's preference!
The art and general mode of the game was awesome, I would love to see this fixed up a bit and give it a nother try.

This was a fantastic submission, only let down by the lack of explaining the mechanics. The sound, art, controls and originality were awesome! And once someone in the comments helped me and my partner understand you can connect one rope to 1 connector it made the game much easier and a hell of a lot more fun.
I think for me this is one of the strongest in the jam and would love to see this as a mobile game and advanced further as I could imagine some fantastic opptunity for new interesting mechanics, will follow to see if you do update it!

Thank you! I wish that was better explained in the game! I funny enough accidently did this AFTER learning from this screenshot haha

The Art was good and the controls where good.
I didn't like that there is no feed back to tell if you get a puzzle correct, there would potentially be you could get all the puzzles but one right and never complete it, there is no Conversion to numeric in the game which would save the player so much time as it's not fun having to keep looking it up or doing it in your head.
I thought it matched the theme well and it's very original, I liked the idea but thought it's far to complicated for a GameJam game as this would need more explaination and feed back to pass puzzles without causing frustration.

Fantastic story telling, we run into a few bugs trying to speed run the game, if you leave the house before talking to the master at the beginning the materials (mushroom etc) won't spawn, but it's a game jam game, these things are suppose to happen haha!
Overall a fantastic submission, I  thought the controls where spot on and the character movement made it really easy to play through.
We only unlocked ending 3/3 but would love to see the other ones in later play throughs.

I had guessed that you must have added the bullets to the player node as a child that's why they are influenced by the player movement, but in a strange way you push the missles into the enemies, you could have worked a mechanic into that maybe.
I was struggling to understand how to complete the game, if there is a end state?(Mine doesn't), I tried pressed E but nothing seemed to happen.
The Menu seemed to have a lot of work done, well done that is part that most gamejams normally don't include or if they do it's an after thought.
I'm a fellow GWJ noob too, hope to see you in the next one!

I'll 100% come back to it, I'm going through more at the moment, but yours is my fave so far. I'll give a follow to keep up todate on your games.

PLEASE DO MORE! But also explain how to complete this one as i'm gonna cry until i beat it lol

Got to the point where you get those bullets(don't wanna give it away for others) after that I'm completely stuck. It's so frustrating as me and my gf LOVE this game. Could you do a run through please(maybe after the jam?)

Hey thank you, it's the first time my gf has ever tried doing pixel art :)

Argh! Damn I don't know how I missed that! Sorry I understand that's frustrating.

how did you get past level 3?

Argh I had no idea! Thank you! That's an awesome idea though, not sure if you're allowed to edit submission descriptions once posted?

I really wanna play this game but it's impossible as I figure there is a mechanic not explained, is it possible to make the rope more slack? Could you beat level 3 or 9? For me they are not possible with just connecting ropes.

I really enjoyed this game, it's my type of puzzle game! I thought the controls worked perfectly, with these types of selections you can pick two cards at once but that didn't happen to me here.

the puzzles are really well thought out, the audio background went perfectly with the game, I enjoyed the transitions. 

I got to one level and it might be me being stupid, but it's the 3 bones, 3 triangles and 3 eyes and i couldn't get past this as I couldn't see a 3rd triangle card, Sorry if i screwed that up!

I'd actually like to continue playing this, I think you could extend it further.

very original take on the ritual theme.

I got stuck on the level you see below, there are only 2 triangle cards, am I missing something? Regardless I adore these types of games and this was really well done! Will rate now, my fave of the jam so far

I didn't find it obvious that you had to miss a beat, it would be good if the arrows had a sound, so you could remember a sound rather than just arrows. I worked it out in the end.

The characters and level select art were awesome as well as the sound design, I really enjoyed that aspect, I'm not great as rhythm games but felt when I pressed the key as the beat hit, it hit perfect and I found that aspect really satisfying.

Man I couldn't beat level 3. Really dig the player sprite and the juice of the particles when the player is moving around, as I understand this is one of your 2nd game? If so that's truly amazing, doing wall jumps already, they felt good too, I would let the player have infinite wall jumps after leaving the ground.
Good entry and sorry I couldn't beat it!

Hahah thank you and to the chick 

Managed to complete this, I didn't expect to have a sorta day/night cycle where you do puzzles by day and action by night, it was fantastic, I liked the urgency of having to find the item and it fit the theme perfectly. The end boss was great too. 
The things I'd improve would be the collision detection with the items, I might be stupid but I found myself placing down an item in the house and trapping myself so having to quickly move it, I would allow the player to pass through the items.
The best thing about this game for me was the riddles and finding the item to place in the circle, I also felt satisfaction completing the game too.

Huge well done from me!

Hey thank you, just finished yours this instant, I managed to complete it, will review 

Deffo update it when you can, I made a new page for DemonMatch so I can fix my bugs and balance the game as well as a tutorial system, there is so much I wanted to do, but was at my gfs the whole week on her laptop. I'll follow you on here and look out for your game :)

Hey I know you said it's bugged, so I am not judging it on that, I like the controls they are very fast and responsive, I like the idea too to regenerate health by performing rituals, you could add an effect where you see the player throwing the flowers into the circle and ghosts of the flowers fade away haha. 

Hey thanks for playing, by enemy health bar you mean above the enemies that are going towards the left? Or where the enemies come from? If it's the latter, I haven't done it, I should have explained it's like a survival you just try survive, it was very rushed lol

Hey thanks for taking time to play it :), Yeah the UI is inconsistent and all over the place (much like most my games haha)

Hey I really love the Crops of this pack! The tomatoe ones are currently being demo in a prototype i'm going to work on :D

That truely was insane! I was working on a match 3 game and was looking for inspiration, and saw something that looked like Columns on of my best time ever games for SegaMegadrive here in the UK... I had no idea there was a twist HAHA I was like "WHAAAAAAAAT" Just fantastic!

Managed to complete this, it was very hard towards the end, I was stuck in browser version which my controller was a little iffy with but regardless of that the controls worked great.

The art/sound and game design were top notch, it was well explained with little text, and I loved how when you got a new power you was quickly needing to use it to solve the next floor.

Most importantly I actually enjoyed myself in a genre I'm not that big on, so amazing work!

Unity game?

It's deffo one of my best gamejam submissions in ANY jam that I've played so far

Wow found your youtube today, and decided to check your itch and this is a gem of a game! One of my best ever game jam games I've played, it kinda reminds me a bit of dicey dungeon because it has dice and can add power to them etc. I really would love to see a more complicated complete game on this.

This was fantastic, I knew there was a snake game but I didn't expect all the world around it! I got a 90s themed pc experience, takes me back, it's really clever and exceptionally polished! Fantastic use of the theme too!

Sadly I got stuck in the same place DarioDaF did, so least it wasn't just me! I enjoyed this, I've seen the die and use the dead body mechanic used a lot, but this was used well, I liked making a bridge with old dead bodies to make the gap.
The graphics are crisp, simple and consistent!
Hopefully the bug can be fixed and we can complete the game, I played this a fair bit longer than I would most game jam games, so well done :)

Wow! This is really incredible for the time length, I'm very impressed, I thought the mini-games are fun, it has that Wario feeling to it but you have control over which room. The polish is really high here, I love the phone introduction, what a fantastic first impression, I will certainly try to emulate this in a future game for sure! 
The only thing I'd change is how you are spotted, there was one play through, I was seen but it didn't make sense to me, I think I had JUST left, so maybe I didn't, but it would be nice to pause the game and show the line of the sight as soon as you're caught.

You are trying to sell a game made in 3 days for a game jam, meaning most of us can't rate your game. I would really advise not attempting to sell a game jam game, if you feel you most, ask for a donation as $3.99 is frankly terrible. There isn't any screenshots and people are just going to risk spending this money, it feels like a money grab

Highscore of 10, the general art looks really nice, but found myself confused on the controls, I figured WASD with a rotation, but there wasn't esc for leaving for example, I didn't know what space bar did, I assumed make it harder to be detected? I think this game would benefit greatly for more explaining in the page description, a breif "WASD - movment, space - ?" etc, hope this can help!
I really liked the lighting :D

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First of the level and graphics look fantastic! I really enjoyed the game, the controls felt nice, thought I would have loved to play this as a twin stick shooter (No gamepad right now so not sure if that's possible?) I have to say the dash for healing is AWESOME! I would like to know when I can dash though, a cool down timer, or some indication it's ready to dash.
I managed to get to Wave 5, one thing I didn't like and would change is each wave increase it resets my ghost, which caught me out a few times as I'd be in a corner, then suddenly back to where I started, with little indication of why, I thought it was a bug until I realised it was wave increase, this is my only neg, the rest I really enjoyed and wanna try get further than Wave 5

We both made ghosts riding on wheels :D... However yours is a hell of a lot more polished! I managed a score of 1559, I'm not sure if that is good, it would be cool to have a mini leaderboards but not enough time being a jam! I enjoyed this. I liked the animation, I would add a kick flip for sure or some way of earning points when not griding. Well done, there is a lot here in such a short time!