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I really like the ideas in this! Such as further the cursor is away from the player, the less accurate the shot, which is fantastic. The general mode it just really like it :)

The normal maps in this game really adds a lot to the lighting system, the general art was great. The thing I would change is just one, it is the staff strike, I couldn't for the life of me kill a bat without taking damage. But then you pick up casting magic balls and that greatly improved the experience for me, a good difficulity curve, I really liked the worm enemies, I'm inspired to "borrow" this idea :)

You should do a little youtube vid on how you made this, like things learned, things to avoid for newbies etc.

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Actually you're completely right that would have made much more sense, I made the game focused too much on the bombs.. It was the first game jam where I honestly hated working on a game lol PS Thanks for playing :D

really clever I enjoyed this

Damn this runs lightyears better now on HTML. I'd still recommend EXE for the best experience, but completely playable on HTML

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I really dig the puzzle elements a lot, manage to complete it and found it really satisfying too.
I think the game picks up fast after the 4th level, the first levels introduce you to mechanics like they should, but the fun starts level 4 onwards for me.
TIP: If you get stuck, look around!

Really awesome write up! I think spending the time on the game is the right call but I also loved reading this and look forward to the next one.

Thank you for joining, it's been awesome to meet and talk with you, here is to the next one!!

I reused sprites I already had. The only thing I drew was tower/fort/arrows/explosion(circle). I can't say I didn't give it a lot of time because i did. I just had an off weekend lol

12 is my best, I actually had fun playing this and I honestly think you could extend it into something really awesome, considering you was working when the jam was on, this is pretty cool man!

Thank you so much for doing this in such a short time frame! :D

Really awesome, the music/art/controls all working together, only thing I'd ask for is increasing difficultly and score :D

Ideally HTML just because it's easier for people, but if not, then exe or any way you can get people to play it :)

Nice! I was thinking if it was with the line2D! It's really well implimented, thank you for taking time to explain it!

15 is my best score! I really like this. I really love the trail  you have on your ship, how did you do this??

106 was my best score :), once I died with 5 then 6 then 3... for some reason I just stayed near the middle and did micoadjustments and felt ic ould have got much more :D

This was really great.
It would have been really nice to have a score, like collecting those gems do something?

I loved the speed boost shoe, could help have  a leaderboard for best times.

Lots of work here!

I really enjoyed that. Thought the checkpoints where placed really well and it kept me playing even on the very difficult parts. The controls felt great, but as a hardcore Gamepad player it would have been awesome to use a pad on this(I think).

The puzzles in this were really fun.

97 deaths :| hahaha

Yes as long as the original creator is credited that's fine :) 

43! Wow that got fast! I just thought it was gonna stay slow all the way through!

This is awesome as a Dev to hear, really positive comments. Thanks for being you man

This is awesome, the tank, aircraft, germ etc really fantastic graphics it's all working together perfectly 

This was really awesome. So the "changes" i'd make is that it seemed far to easy and then I waited for almost 5 mins without losing a gunner. But after a while it goes from far to easy to impossible... I think this is the most common issue with game jams.
The stuff i loved?
Music was awesome
Sound effects too
Art was really great, shadows made this game in my view
I loved the homing missles, the little jiggle (tutorial please?)

With some tuning maybe on mobile, I'd throw a little bit of money it's way :)

This is awesome having Milliseconds really opens up for compeitive play

Awesome :D time to plays

14 secs is my best score, I recommend doing in milliseconds instead of seconds so we have a more deffo winner :D

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Hey Juppi picked "The first tree" so it's your pick next out of these games. Is there a way i can private message you the Steam key? Or a steam id?
Congrats and thanks for joining :)
These are the games to choose from :


NidHogg 1

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Stick fight: the game

Darwin project : hunter pack

rampage knights
day of the tentacle remastered

Grim fandando remastered

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cool man the cape is awesome, I had to cheat to get to see some of the game, which I don't mind doing as I'd rather see the game than not. It's got a lot of stuff in here spesh for C# and 3d, thanks for submitting :)

Hey thanks man!
Sadly my game suffers from balance issues, I did it in the last 40 mins adding the ability to damage the car and horse seperately lol.  I use random increase on the enemies each tick... so some runs are easier, some much harder. This is why I love the Snowman race, because each run you only play agasint yourself (well now 2 other people who beat be continued haha)

Hey thank you, I didn't like the theme so wanted a twist :D

Someone beat my 17, and now you beat their 15, I think you're the world record speed runner! 

Almost got to 2k! Our games are quite simular in mechanics :D

my best score 18 secs :D Can anyone beat it?

Awesome thanks :)

Hey thanks for doing the jam, I'm looking forward to playing this later :D

Yeah course Jam still happening, I'm about to announce the theme in 28 mins. And obviously if you can join great, but don't worry if you're too busy, I think we might do another jam,  in future

Ben! This is awesome work, very impressive, please feel free to advertise your works here

Just a quick hello to say thank you on behalf of Code DeCode for joining, if you would like, please introduce yourself here.

I'm Ste, I make youtube tutorials and I program in Godot (GDScript and C#).  I have a passion for getting young people into computer science and seeing early projects turn into fully complete ones.