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The only thing scaring me so far is the line, "There is a bare bones ship combat system in place (that is not turn-based)...". I hope this doesn't mean something like real time ship battles in an otherwise turn based game.

Oh, and my biggest odd gripe with the original, I had the darndest time distinguishing walls from hallways, so I can only hope this is more clear in the sequel.

Hi, LordGek.

Yes, several people have now expressed concern about the real time nature of the ship combat. I'll likely be changing this.

Walls and floor tiles should be much more clear this time around. It's fully 3D, you can alter the XZ angle via camera rotation, and you can zoom in and out. While you currently can't alter the Y-axis angle, this should provide people with all the viewing they need.

But let me know if that isn't the case once the game launches! Originally I had free camera orbiting (click and drag to view at any angle) but locked it down primarily for ease of use/return to old viewing angles and to simplify controller/dpad settings.

Please don't completely give up on ship combat! XCOM:EU has both real-time effects and ship combat, and it functions acceptably without adding complexity or confusion. As long as ship combat doesn't have a fail-state (ie: losing combat forces a game over), then having (essentially) minigames to increase play agency and reward (ie: fewer enemies or better strategic entry points).

I like the idea of having the tactical choice of how to damage a ship in order to better breach it or salvage choice selections.

Hi, Threefold.

I haven't! But I do need to take a step back and reassess how I want to implement it as a more traditional tile and turn-based style of gameplay. I also like the idea of being able to target specific parts of ships for tactical advantages >:)