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can i use a controller / joystick with this?


The game is built on a Unity asset that supported controller controls, but the game was not built with consideration for controllers.

So short answer : no, you should not use a controller to play, since we cannot guarantee it is going to work all the way

Complicated answer : maybe it can be played with controllers. It was never properly tested. The game was made with keyboard and mouse in mind.


Can you please make it "FREE"?! I love this game BADLY! :(

Dude, it's just $5. It's already cheap and well worth the price. Don't be disrespectful to the creator.


While we understand that not everyone is in a position to pay for their entertainment (whether they're in a tight financial situation, or they do not have access to credit cards or paypal-like online services to make a transaction), in return we ask players to understand we are a very small indie studio (two full-time employees working on a very small budget) and making games is currently our livelihood. Giving our work away for free is not an option for us, unfortunately. Buying our games (especially buying here on is the most direct and best way to support us in making more content in the future, although we already appreciate the love you are sending us with your desire to play \SPEK.TAKL\.

If you wish to experience our games for free, the internet provides a few ways to do so, such as let's players completing the game on video. Perhaps later you'll be in a better situation to pay for our work, and we can wait until then. No pressure. Thank you for your interest in our titles!


Ok... If I tell someone who have this game to upload it on "MediaFile"