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Can you add a Download link?!

OK, so this is NOT SCARY! Its funny & weird! This is just a RIPOFF of Granny!

Its now already available on Steam:



Hmmm... Looks inspired by Chilla's Art AKA Japanese Version of Puppet Combo :)

I already got this on Steam.

WOW! I've already seen this in EEK3 2021!!!

What is "Aesoteric Collection"? I love your games!

What is "Aesoteric Collection"? I love your games!

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It works! BTW, so Happy's Humble Burger Barn 2 is Happy's Humble Burger Farm?!

Because it is more Laggy a bit!

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Will there be "(ヒプナゴジア3:最終的な夢) Hypnagogia 3: Final Dreams"?!!!

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Easter Eggs that you can find:

1. When you turn on the TV then Markplier is playing

2. Markplier Jumpscare

3. The guy you recognize on that statue is Leon from Resident Evil!

Is there a difficulties in this game?! Like Easy Mode or Hard Mode!

Its like Mario Kart but in Fleshy Version!

So, from the man of the suit you say is the Dead Detective from Disparity of the Dead from Dread X Collection 3 on Steam. So Disparity of the Dead is made from the Remember Places? Dev A.K.A this guy who makes this game!

Can you add Free Download Keys again?!

When could you release Still Ridge?!

HA! I'm the first one! I like this game, it looks inspired for Sauna 2000!!! 5/5!!!

When will you released Real Stories from the Grave: Episode 3?!

When would you release the full oversion of TmOD or this game?! :) I'M SO HYPED!


Is Security Booth (Revamp) free on Steam?!

All your games are FREE, I'm glad :)!!!


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I like how the full version is free on & Steam!!!

... BTW, I thought the Full Version is Paid?!

I don't know?!

BTW, can you also do Backrooms: Level 404-My Dearly Fragmented

But in PSX Graphics?!

Hopefully the Released  Date of Anemoiapolis on Steam will not be CANCELLED <33


Hopefully it wouldn't be cancelled!


Then, tell me the reason why you didn't make Free Horror Games...

I'm confused! Why it also tags Resident Evil?! But no weapons! Because, Resident Evil is a FPS Horror Game!!!

Please don't be CANCELLED! Hopefully, it will be released on Steam &! I hope the full version is FREE!

Could you improve the Performance?! It lags even some players have NVIDIA or something, still lags!!!

Hey bro, how can I change my name from the Offer!