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Kinda curious in whether you're still working on this project, hiring employees would make it much more enjoyable along with all the other stuff you also said you were adding. I'm not sure how popular it is, just the business genre overall but I'll tell some people about it maybe you'll get some more support. :) mostly just wondering if you're still developing.

Hi Milk And Shake, yes i am working on it as we speak  to best of my ability without a graphics card. writing scripts  and prototyping in small scenes.  I currently have no graphics card anymore as it as died on me. I have not been wasting time tho. Their will be a slight delay until i can find the funds to buy a new card as me and my partner are barely getting by with 3 children one of which is only 3 months old!. I am currently working on a few  side projects creating art to hopefully help towards funding a new card. I have not give up on this at all tho. just been so busy working on what I can,   given my circumstances. what you will be able to expect in the next build tho is the things I already mentioned in the previous posts including the inventory system, Building and Crafting system along with the first lot of AI characters (wild animals such as cows, bears deer and more). you can also hunt them for food etc. the hunger thirst system is totally done now(If you run low on food and water too long it will start effecting  your characters health eventually killing you.) Helicopter's will be in however still need more work and boats also along with more drive-able cars and somewhere that you can buy them and fuel them(yes fuel system is pretty much done). I have also been doing more work on the conveyor belts and a few automation machines but may not be in the next build.  Reworked the jobs system for delivery jobs, fixing a lot of the bugs and reworked the way it works(mostly behind the scene stuff). I have built  the map(still need to add more to the scene and add more city's etc) but you have a full open map with islands and sea.   hiring employees will be in a bit later as i want to get a solid frame work for the game. They are going to be in the game because I also really want them in. its the point of the game i want to create and also  play myself! :) I will write a new blog later this week. I have no intention at all to give up  and wont. Its kept me motivated and I enjoy it. The only thing that may slow me down  is if get a part time job for time being but I am currently trying to avoid that by doing some side projects like creating art for games and even  thinking about making an app. Have  any more questions don't hesitate to ask. just fire away and i will reply asap :) 

It's good your dedicated, I understand the difficulties without a graphics card.  I'll try to help out wherever I can, I don't have much money either. The things you're working on seems an amazing idea, inventory, building, and crafting will make it a Lot more interesting no offense but as of right now its a bit empty. All that stuff though will change everything, and I'm glad you're gonna rework the delivery system as it was a bit glitchy the first time around for me.

Thanks but im unable to actually build the game within the game engine. The game engine crashes and freezes too much since i extended the map and added in loads of the new game play mechanics. I will certainly contact you should i need help testing it before i release each build on here and/or later, on steam.

Oh and no offense taken. I welcome criticism. only way we can improve games is by listening to gamers such as your self. but do bare in mind its a work in progress so dont be too harsh lol.