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Milk And Shake

A member registered Jul 17, 2018

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Still working on it right? I just wanna make sure before I expect too much, looks amazing but I haven't downloaded it yet to test it. Great idea if you can put it into action.

Looks amazing, any idea when it'll come out fully. I'm quite interested, you might put the Arma 3 life mod out to dry.

Actually looks amazing, but one thing when you game over it sorta glitches the main menu and two make sure to add options because the volume is Extremely loud for a person with headphones. Now onto contacting you, do you have like a discord for this?

Wow, uploaded literally yesterday well I already love it so good job.

If you need someone to test how it runs, I could help you my laptop is quite good but low on space.

It's good your dedicated, I understand the difficulties without a graphics card.  I'll try to help out wherever I can, I don't have much money either. The things you're working on seems an amazing idea, inventory, building, and crafting will make it a Lot more interesting no offense but as of right now its a bit empty. All that stuff though will change everything, and I'm glad you're gonna rework the delivery system as it was a bit glitchy the first time around for me.

Kinda curious in whether you're still working on this project, hiring employees would make it much more enjoyable along with all the other stuff you also said you were adding. I'm not sure how popular it is, just the business genre overall but I'll tell some people about it maybe you'll get some more support. :) mostly just wondering if you're still developing.