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It's good your dedicated, I understand the difficulties without a graphics card.  I'll try to help out wherever I can, I don't have much money either. The things you're working on seems an amazing idea, inventory, building, and crafting will make it a Lot more interesting no offense but as of right now its a bit empty. All that stuff though will change everything, and I'm glad you're gonna rework the delivery system as it was a bit glitchy the first time around for me.

Thanks but im unable to actually build the game within the game engine. The game engine crashes and freezes too much since i extended the map and added in loads of the new game play mechanics. I will certainly contact you should i need help testing it before i release each build on here and/or later, on steam.

Oh and no offense taken. I welcome criticism. only way we can improve games is by listening to gamers such as your self. but do bare in mind its a work in progress so dont be too harsh lol.