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I really loved the game! although, I personally am used to arrow / WASD keys and spacebar setup, for me, the controls of the game felt too awkward for me to get past level two, would you consider making an option in the settings for personalized control setup for your future games? (or maybe this one, although I assume you don't feel like releasing updates for this) I would have had a much easier time playing if I could use the up arrow key for jumping and the down key for grabbing blocks. Although, again, I really liked the game, I just wanted to give you guys feedback with my thoughts, other than the controls, this is like one of my favorite games ever.

I logged in to ask this:
How would you throw up and down?

you how the top or bottom arrow key while pressing shift to throw

So you wouldn't be able to throw up without jumping?

So, at least the last time I played (they have updated the game since then so they might have changed the control scheme), the controls were, spacebar to jump, shift to throw, shift+up arrow keys to throw up, shift+down arrow keys to throw down, and of course left and right arrow keys moves you left to right.