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Woah, this is so cool. I love procedural generation stuff, so it's always nice to see people experimenting with new ideas for it :]

wow, this is a super cool game concept :0

Hi! I looked at your portfolio, and I think you're art is really awesome. I'm a somewhat newbie programmer (so I still have a quite a bit to learn lol). But if you're all right with that, could I join your team for this jam?

I thought this game was pretty cool, I liked the wholesome vibes from it, and the mechanics of using a scarf for HP and a tail to grab enemies is pretty cool :0

wow, this tool is super cool (and I love your GUI style too). I tried it out and it made some pretty cool sound effects for my game. Thanks for making this, I found it very helpful :)

I personally really liked this game :) the controls felt smooth along with all the animations, and I love the concept of a foxxo finding food in the fall, simple, but it could make for a really fun polished game if you took this idea further. But yeah, you did a really great job with this one :D

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME, it's one of the cutest gamed I've veer played :0 My only criticism would be the player was very difficult to control, I found it hard to move in the right direction most of the time. But still this game is awesome, thank you for making it :) 

even though it's just a demo, I already really love this game :) the movement feels super smooth and the art is amazing considering the fact you're limited to an 8 by 8 size. I do admit though I got without any idea how to progress, but I mean, it was still fun exploring all the buildings, so yeah anyways, this game is really cool :D (btw, there's a bug where if you dash into a door you keep all your speed and can just zoom across the map until you dash again)

this game is so friggin wholsome I love it :) the art and music is amazing, like seriously, the cozy vibes from this game is off the charts lol, thank you for making something so wonderful

woah this game is super cool :0 I love the concept of a cat fighting game and I love the japanese style and art too :D you guys all did such a great job with this

This game is super cool :0 some of the music here actually sounded like something someone would play on a piano for real

Even though I never made it very far due to the bugs, this game was pretty cool :D I especially liked the mini cutscenes for when you hunted and the game started, I haven't seen that kind of thing, especially story, in a pet simulator before, but it makes the game so much more interesting and fun. I mean sure, some of the English seemed a bit off and almost all the buttons didn't work, but your pixel art if so good and the concept is super cool. I really look forward to seeing the projects you make in the future or if you're planning to continue development on this game. (if you're interested in continuing game development). Keep going! You're doing an amazing job :)

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also you did a great job with the thumbnail art :D

nice :) this game was pretty cool, it had a nifty concept. Btw, I totally get the random generation thing, I also attempted it and the struggle was real lol, I did get some of it working but I never finished it :/ but hey, I learned from it and that's the important part :)

WOAH! this game is so cool! I mean, it's pretty small of course, but even then it's a lot of fun, and I really loved the monochromatic style too, along with all the Victorian style architecture, and you did a fantastic job with the music too! Definitely one of my favorite projects I've seen here on itch 

wow this game was really good too :) and I love how you make all your characters cats too

omg I loved this game, and you did such a great job with the music too! :D

all right, thanks! and btw, I did happen to be using chrome when running the game

uh... for some reason whenever I try running the game, it freezes on the second menu, I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen?

sooooo, I haven't tried this game cause I don't have time, but I just wanted to say omg the graphics look so good :0 if the game is anything like the pictures I'm sure it's amazing, who knows though, maybe I'll actually be able to try it later

WOAH, this is super cool, I never thought I'd see the day procedural-generated Picross became a thing but here it is. (and the UI is really pretty too). The only criticism I have is that there isn't any music, but that's not too big of a deal when the gameplay is good. Nicely done! :D 

This project is super cool :D I'm a big fan of picross, so it was really interesting seeing an 8-bit style version of the game, unfortunately, the experience felt more dull than it usually is with Picross due to the lack of music. It was also a bit jarring to try playing without being able to see the entire set of numbers at a time like in Picross S. But those are my only criticisms and plus, this was also a game jam game. The fact you put something this cool together with the Nokia limitation and such little time is amazing. It'd definitely love to see this project expanded upon if you're interested in working on it more. Either way though, great job!  

Also, don't use scratch, I apologize to those who recommended it, but it's just not that useful as an engine, in fact, I wouldn't even call it a game engine. If you want to make a game without needing to know how to code, you should use GameMaker studio 2's engine, they have support for that, and do a much better job with it in my opinion. But if you want to make games, you really should get used to using a normal programming language.

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You should learn the language that works for you, if you wanted to make an RPG then an engine like RPG maker would work just fine, but if you wanted to make a platformer, then that wouldn't work too well. Use the engine/programming language that caters to what you want. I personally recommend Unity because even though it's difficult at the start, it can make just about anything you want, and it's not a pain to use once you're acquainted with it. Not to mention, C# is a language I feel does an excellent job of being both useful and easy to learn, I was able to pick it up in no time at all, and I'm sure you'll be able to as well if you wanted :D And, even if you're hoping to use, say, Godot, but you don't want to use GDscript, it's still worth it. When I first was choosing a game engine, I picked unreal engine, because it used C++, the language I wanted to use, but, it was much to complicated an engine for me, and I ended up selecting Unity, which worked out so much better for me, programming is about using the right tools for the job, and sometimes, you just have to deal with the fact that you get to use a programming language or whatever it is you get to use, even if you don't want to, and that's okay :)

well, this was a game jam game, so it makes sense the scope would've been small, I personally really liked the art, and the gameplay wasn't that bad :)

nevermind, it worked, kinda weird it didn't the first time

Unfortunately, it says that the username isn't correct, could you double check to see if it's right?

Hi! I'm a Unity programmer (I've been working with Unity for about a year now) and I've been thinking about making a game(s) recently, and I'd be happy to team up with you if you'd want.  And I was wondering, are all of the tracks on the soundcloud link ones you made? They're like, super, SUPER amazing.

I think my reaction to this would have to just be "woah" even though all it is, is a procedural art generator, I think it's super cool (and super pretty too!) honestly, this is one of my favorite things I've ever seen on itch. :D

So, at least the last time I played (they have updated the game since then so they might have changed the control scheme), the controls were, spacebar to jump, shift to throw, shift+up arrow keys to throw up, shift+down arrow keys to throw down, and of course left and right arrow keys moves you left to right.

you how the top or bottom arrow key while pressing shift to throw

ah, thanks

Hi, the art for this game looks really cool, although, there isn't any description of what the game is about, would you be able to clarify what this game is please? Thanks. :)

I've had this game on my desktop for a while now, I usually open it when I'm bored and it always makes my day. Thanks for making such a cool game.

I was super impressed with this game! The art is super beautiful and I felt you guys did a good job with the tutorials, which, even though that might sound like it's not much, I had absolutely no idea what to do when I first started the game, so that says a lot. The only part I would change is that the gameplay feels a bit stale for me. I would say it's because basically the entire game is just clicking stuff, but then again, that's all bloons TD is, so I'm not really sure why. (although, I use the word stale lightly here, the game was still fun to play, and then again, tower defense isn't really my thing anyways, I'm sure someone else into this genre would enjoy it more). Other than that though, I'm excited to see the future development of this game! (It sounded like you were planning to add more as time goes on, is that right?)

I just wanted to say, this game (or I guess movement prototype, it's not really a game) is one of the coolest things I've seen on ever, I've been working with Unity for about a year now, and even with that, I would have absolutely no idea how to make something as talented as this, if you got some level designers on board and maybe made Enoki seem more friendly (which you could do with story and maybe small changes like making the eyes happy or something like that, like you did with the page here) you could turn this into a really amazing game, and I do have to say, I spent a long time messing around with Enoki's movement, and that's with no incentive whatsoever for me to be playing, so basically, what you have here is really good material for making a commercially successful game, amazing work!

Thanks, I'll try that

Okay, I just checked, it's the level that's broken, the other glitch I mentioned was unrelated, when I try entering The Precipice, the player won't spawn like I said, and the other weird glitches happen too 

Hi, I'm back, I know I said in my last comment I didn't get very far, although, like I also said, I loved the game, so I tried my best to get used to the controls, and I just wanted to let you know there's a glitch that lets you climb walls (and also break the game), if you use one of the long unbreakable blocks, you can clip it through the wall if you're throwing it downwards and you're as close to the wall as possible, then the game resets it's position to one block higher than it was before, so you can keep repeating this over and over again, which can cause a lot of other weird bugs and glitches, for example, and the reason why I'm telling you this, is after beating a level using this glitch, for some reason in the next level, the audio broke somewhat and the player was nowhere to be found, they were probably inside the wall is my guess. Enemies also clipped into the block sometimes, although that didn't happen as often, either way though, this glitch kinda broke my game, I'm not even sure if closing it will fix it, guess I'll find out later though. I wasn't sure if you guys were interested in continuing development for the game (which I think definitely think you should), but, if you are, you'll probably want to take a look at that.

Thanks for letting me know, unfortunately I don't have the time to join this jam, but I'll definitely be checking what games get made this jam