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Something I've always wanted to do to be fair - specifically a super fleshed out one in the future! At the moment I just have a lot of things going on where I think it would be a better learning curve to me if I am able to work with someone~

oh cool! i hope you can find a team or if you have already you get to learn a lot!

Heya. I came across your post and, though I know it's for an old Jam, I was wondering if you're still interested in giving one a shot? More specifically, I am thinking of entering the fantasy mini jam that starts in a week. You can see one of my works here . What you can see there is a bit dated I'm afraid, but I ran into several issues that made uploading a newer version somewhat difficult(Don't trust steam cloud :p). I have continued to work and improve since then regardless.

Oh goodness! Time has passed and unfortunately Jams have come and gone, but I would be more than happy to possibly work with you in the future! Do reply whenever and I think we can work something out if you are still interested and I can provide you my contact details-

I stumbled onto your instagram as well, and your characters and animations are super cute! Let me know if you need someone to help you get started in Ren'Py or a similar low-coding Visual Novel framework, because your artwork needs to be in games.

As replied above, I totally am still open to working with anyone interested! Thank you so much - I am flattered, really!