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Have seen a Nookrium video on this.

Seems like a decent attempt to recreate and elaborate a bit on X series, and I personally like the political stuff that wasn't in the original.

Claiming sectors is sth that Egosoft always considered but never actually did.

Would play/help a little if it was a FOSS game but paid-for and closed - no. 

Esp. when FOSS stuff like Endless Sky is around which has a similar or higher level in a sense and in which you actually can participate/modify and whatnot.

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but due to the language / libraries and IDE used, there's no point in opening the source source. You'd need at the very least $2-3k worth of licenses to even be able to participate in such a project. It's also a multi-threaded 120kloc beast, further limiting the number of people who'd be able to participate. More to the point, we're not seeking help from third parties so late in the development cycle.

Our current projects are built with a more sane/free language, so opening their source code (at some point) is an option we're considering. 

However, we have no plan to make our games free,  as it's our livelihood and UG took years to develop.


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Uh! Sounds like really bad design choices were made with this one.

Good luck then. Will watch your progress. :-)

Maybe if you manage to produce sth extraordinary I'll buy it to support you. (Prefer donations though. More fair.)


I know that video was recent, but UG is a 3 year old game sold in multiple stores (as such we cannot sustain a donation model) with 5 major content updates under its belt. While we're still publishing small updates, don't expect anything major for UG. Especially as we're working full time on another title at the moment (after that we'll likely make a sequel to UG). 

If you wish to follow us, our official website has a RSS feed and a newsletter.

Cheers :)

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Houkime, I am also a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) advocate here; really heavy into Linux-based kernel debugging, contributor for 'Battle for Wesnoth', and relentless retro gaming enthusiast.

I understand your fervor and passion for FOSS but you have no fucking right to complain to the dev that they made 'bad choices' because they didn't FOSS their game.  How dare you!?

FOSS is something the DEVELOPER must choose of their own free will.  Neither you nor anyone else have the right to complain about it.  A majority of games are closed-source and that's how they wanna do it.  You live with it or go play any other FOSS game you like.  You enjoy Endless Sky?  I played it for a bit and it was ok for me.  Needs a bit more work to really compete with some other 2D shooters.

Personally I used to be a fan of this 'Asteroids-style' game that I won't promote here (it is on Steam) but the devs of that game promoted pay to win and forced-PvP in that game due to a lack of content (abandoned for years now).

I do my best to be supportive of EVERY indie dev that makes a good faith effort in actually delivering a solid relatively bug-free experience that is enjoyable without resorting to exploitative gambleboxes like every other game has done.

If you want to ASK them to FOSS?  Ok.  But you don't ever have the right to DEMAND that they do so.  Remain polite and stop giving the FOSS community a bad name :P