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Yep, I just checked. The game still has steam keys available. 

Check the mail you got when purchasing the game, instructions are in there. Otherwise contact directly.

I have no idea how it works, steam keys are given when you buy the game AFAIK. it's Itch handling it, not me

The game doesn't launch

Make sure you have a 64bit version of windows. ATC is a 64bit game and require at least 4GB or RAM. It's a hard requirement. Also make sure you have the .NET Framework installed.

The game doesn't have sound or music

It also posted a message telling you what to do, but you ignored it. It's ok. Due to european laws some parts of the Windows OS have been broken down in some countries. Including a dll that we use to play sound. The versions of windows impacted are labeled N and KN. Please refer to this post to get that fixed.

The user interface looks weird / is too large / goes off screen.

It's a rare issue, but it's easy enough to fix. The "quick fix" depends on your monitor/graphic card, but the version that will work in all cases is to do as follow:

  1. Go in the game’s graphical settings. Make sure the rendering is set to Fullscreen and that the resolution is set  to the highest supported by your monitor. When done, press the big, green “Apply” Button.
  2. CLOSE AND RESTART the game
  3. Go in the game’s general settings, User Interface, and make SURE that User Interface Scale is set to Auto, then press the “default” button. Then press the big, green, “Apply” button.

 Then try to play the game. If and ONLY IF it doesn’t work:

 Go in the graphical settings again. Set the rendering to Borderless. Press the Apply Button. Close & Restart the game, try to play a game.

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This guide is available on Steam. It's not 100% up to date, some techs have less/more content, but the general principles still apply. I heavily recommend people to read it after going through the basic tutorial.

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Thanks :)

I try to provide choice whenever possible. Technically, yes it is a bit more advantageous financially short term to have sales on itch. On the other hand, more steam sales = more validated reviews = more views = more sales. Point is, do what's best for you, there's pro and cons to both options from my point of view :)

Note that guides and mods are available on the steam community & workshop pages. Those are not available here, as has no such infrastructure. You can still use the steam key and with a bit of elbow grease move the mods to the non steam version. Ofc, you can read the guides from the steam community website directly.

Cheers, and thanks for your purchase.

You're welcome :)

We often discount Unending Galaxy heavier than that.  Wait until December, and you'll likely find this game (alone) at a much lower price. We have no plan to discount the other game further below its current price in the coming years, however, so it won't be in a bundle.


I know that video was recent, but UG is a 3 year old game sold in multiple stores (as such we cannot sustain a donation model) with 5 major content updates under its belt. While we're still publishing small updates, don't expect anything major for UG. Especially as we're working full time on another title at the moment (after that we'll likely make a sequel to UG). 

If you wish to follow us, our official website has a RSS feed and a newsletter.

Cheers :)

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but due to the language / libraries and IDE used, there's no point in opening the source source. You'd need at the very least $2-3k worth of licenses to even be able to participate in such a project. It's also a multi-threaded 120kloc beast, further limiting the number of people who'd be able to participate. More to the point, we're not seeking help from third parties so late in the development cycle.

Our current projects are built with a more sane/free language, so opening their source code (at some point) is an option we're considering. 

However, we have no plan to make our games free,  as it's our livelihood and UG took years to develop.


Oh! If you got it through trading there, there's no guarantee a steam key is provided, that's something between you and whoever you traded the key with. Sadly, Groupees allows customers to trade the steam and keys independently (a principle I am not a fan of because it leads to situation like this one). 

You sure can ask them just in case. If they can't help, I'll see if i can find you a key (they take a while to generate now and I don't have one on hand right now). 

Apologies for answering so late,  i rarely check the comments here.

You can retrieve your steam key directly from your Groupees account, the same way you did with the one.