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Are controllers supported on macOS version? If so, any guidance for getting one working?


Definitely supposed to be supported! Can you let me know more about the controller that isn't being detected?

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I've tried with both the Xbox Series X (identified by macOS as "Xbox Wireless Controller" and PS5 controllers (identified by macOS as "DualSense Wireless Controller").  The only steps I've taken are to connect the controller via Bluetooth and start the game. 

Thanks for the help. I love the game!


I'll look into this, but I think the controller library I use may not support either of those controllers wirelessly. If using a cable isn't an option, I've heard Steam's controller remapping is generally pretty successful, so that may also help.

I have exactly this problem on macOS.

Controller (XSX) only works until I press any of ABXY buttons, after that it loses input until I press "Start" button - basically unplayable.

Same on Steam and itchio versions. Latest gamepad firmware. Latest game patch. Gamepad works perfectly fine on other titles. 

lmk if more info needed!

Sorry about the trouble! Are you using the controller wirelessly or wired? And what happens if you use the Steam controller remapping?

I tried wired and wireless, no difference. Same for steam controller remapping, it feels like game loses controller’s focus and you have to press start to regain it? It’s really weird, let me know if there’s any more info I could provide 

I've looked into this, and it sounds like this is a known issue with the controller library I'm using, specifically only with macOS and XSX controllers. I'll try to have this addressed in the next update. Thanks for finding this bug!

you’re welcome, happy to help!