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The game is quite a bit different but what's the main goal of playing it? is it experimental, just a simple casual Lil game? The addition of playing the sound on ballon click is a good concept to add on but as there's no progression or reason for playing this game, it seems to be boring after some time. Also, as you have made the balloon spawner just above the screen, if we try to click on the top edges of the screen then the balloon starts to get collected in a specific position, and for some reason the game stucked. Apart from all these things, if possible, better add a custom cursor so that it is well visible on the light background of the game. 

haha yeah it's meant to just be a silly little interactive screen, not really intended to be played with for a long time. i'll try to fix that bug and i'll consider adding a custom cursor! thanks for the feedback!



i like balloons too we have so much in common