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What a neat little number. I really liked the graphics, audio and the overall play and how the game developed slighlty. Very Neat and well done.

wobblyfootgamer players Pixie and the Retrocade Pixels

Keep up the great work


Thanks so much for checking the game out!  I'm sad you didn't get to use the rewind mechanic, I should have made it more obvious, but you can rewind by holding down the space bar.  Anyway, again, thanks so much, the video was really great, and you got a new sub on YouTube :)

Hey Wobbly it's Torri from Thirteen & Half Cats! Another great video - you gotta play again using space bar for rewind. It changes everything!

Hey Torri,

Yeah, I completely forgot to use the space bar to rewind. I plan to have another play over this weekend and use the space bar lol.

Take Care