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Both .3 and .4 wont let me play, it keeps having a fatal error, would that have something to do with me using a 64 bit rather than a 32?

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no, not at all, the 32-bit CPU only plays 32-bit windows files(unless it is a 64-bit running CPU on a 32-bit system, then, yes you can), not a 64-bit can run a 32-bit, because the 32-bit is an older version. the only difference is that 64-bit  handles large amounts of RAM more effectively than the 32-bit.

It's possible that there could be some sort of error along Windows that you are not aware off.  Try creating a new User on your windows computer and see if that user can play the game. There are different theories circulating why the fatal error is happening across many unreal engine aspects but it could be either how Windows deals with it or how unreal engine deals with Windows.

I'm also been getting the fatal error across all unreal engine games. I checked the unreal engine forums and many people have the same problem as us, the developer of the viktor strobovski game is trying to find ways to fix it but he can't fix it if he doesn't have the problem himself.

Awsome, thanks for the reply's, other Unreal game's arent doing that, just this one. I'm sure it'll be figured out eventualy!