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if anyone wants to join a semi-pro clan, just type SOS_ then write your usual username, (SOS_example)


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no, not at all, the 32-bit CPU only plays 32-bit windows files(unless it is a 64-bit running CPU on a 32-bit system, then, yes you can), not a 64-bit can run a 32-bit, because the 32-bit is an older version. the only difference is that 64-bit  handles large amounts of RAM more effectively than the 32-bit.

sad. It's my favorite game so far, though a little short, I guess that's to expect in indie gadev.

I'm making a game of my own, and this platformer only has 10 levels so far!!

This is actually one of my favorite games, I tried to find a way to convert it to a .NES file, so I could download it on my DS, nut haven't found a way.

can someone help with this?

This is my chart for all floors:

Completion:Floor 1:Floor 2:Floor 3:
map completion:100%100%100%
Item completion:100%100%100%