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Thank you very much for your comment.

1. I looked into to adding separate tools at the start of development and felt it might make the crafting menu too full and make the game more complicated than it should be by switching between different items for different things so I added the Hammer which is used for everything. I will defiantly keeping looking into the option to add extra items though. and if it gets requested enough i will be adding them. The idea of extra materials by using different tools is a great idea.

2. Chest crafting is something I could look into. And i agree it would be a great addition to the game. Once i have sorted out the main gameplay, chest crafting is something I could add.

3. Sound effects are only placeholder for now. The main priority of change is the eating sound effect (It is still there from the very first sound effects), I will keep an eye on feedback for sound effects but chances are i will be changing them all at some point in the near future.

4. I do personally have a debugging mode which shows a lot of different things including fps, world size, mouse position and other details. I also have a few tools for debugging which should in the Indev 0.365 version of the game if anyone fancies a challenge. 

5. Spawn rate of items hasn't been balanced very well at the moment due to focusing on bug fixing an addition content. Since a couple of people have said about spawn rates this will probably change in the next couple of updates.

Thank you very much for your feedback and support. Your comments will help a lot in the development of Myether. I'm so glad your enjoying the game.


I will definetly keep playing your updates, good luck!