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love this art style !

Whoa, you're really making some great stuff! Keep up the good work ^_^

I will definetly keep playing your updates, good luck!

Awesome! Im thinking of defending a floating casttle from monsters in the future!

I have a couple of suggestions : 

1.  If you want to add content, maybe add some tools, like scythe to cut grass that has a chance to give you more materials, axe for wood, etc.

2.  Chest crafting, with this I mean that you should be able to craft, for example, cooked carrots, with carrots stored in the chest you are looking at. This would make crafting easier, especially when you add more items and recipes.

3.  Maybe change a couple of sfx, especially the walking one, I think it is out of place (I know these sounds are probably place holders)

4.  Add some debugging mode, lets say you press F1 and info like FPS, obj count etc. will be useful, especially for you.

5.   Last, I think maybe grass should spawn more often, i dont know how you have the spawn rates set up but sometimes I think grass spawns slow, and it is pretty important to craft and expand.

Anyway, i'm having a lot fun with your game ^.^ keep updating it and it will be awesome!