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Hi rlynnz! Thanks for dropping by and for the very kind advices! ^.^-

As you've guessed, yes, my native language is not English and I've been struggling with grammar errors/mistakes/flow for a long time now x_x 

I have 2 proofreaders to help with Bermuda's script now, but due to the very long story and duration, our eyes seemed to have grown dull or maybe it's just us missing a few mistakes here and there :"D (ah, I'm sure my proofreaders have their hands full with my less-than-tody raw script ><)

Hmm, I also often edited the script during the programming so yup, a lot of factors affecting the script x_x

Of course, I'll do my best to minimize the grammar error, but I do hope you'll bear with me if some still escaped our radar ^^;; 

As for the effects in the game; yes! Thank you for pointing it out! I usually check them myself and I admit, the shaking effect is a bit overused. Hmm I have half a mind to slow down the fade in and out effect from 1 second to 2 seconds, but some readers might find it a bit too slow since the story pace is already slow lol x'D 

Ah, but I'll take care so there are more effect variations available and hopefully, the time skip won't feel too dull!

However, if you maybe have a friend who you feel would be glad to volunteer as a proofreader, can you introduce them to me? I always look around for someone of native English that have some free time in their hands >< to help me and maybe teach me as time goes by :')

Thanks again and hope to see you around!




Thank you for your gentle and genuine reply!

This strikes me as a good time to switch to a private messaging system, but I am new to Itch and I don't see a function for that?

I would like to tentatively offer myself as a resource to help you with proofreading. I need to think about how much time I want to offer, but I do have extra time and I enjoy editing and story creation. Please let me know what you think about that, and if there is a way for us to continue this conversation without taking up more space on the comment board.



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Ah sorry for the late reply! My internet is having ups and downs these days >< doesn't have a messaging system, but do you have facebook? I'm really active over there!

If you do, please add me : Cecilia Sabrina Susanto. My profile picture is the same is this one.

Or maybe you can leave me your email? Since proofreading will take a lot of your time, how about becoming a beta tester when the game is almost complete? You can give me some notes about how to improve some specific scenes/pacing advices and I will edit them accordingly/adapt it better that way!