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The game was really sweet. The act of being a kind-of -therapist to troubled writers was satisfying, and I think I was reading the text more carefully because I knew I had to gather clues out of the conversations.

The only complaint I have is, along the same lines as Orlon the dog's review, the dossier made things too easy. You can just skip through the conversations and still have the clue written in dossier. I was really excited in the tutorial when CEO said that you'll make amulets which will suit the client; I was expecting the 'perfect amulet' as something subject to my interpretation of client's state. So that turned out a little dull but to repeat what I said at the start, I really loved the idea and its execution. You write beautifully!

Thanks for the playing the game, I'm glad you thought it was sweet and satisfying! I agree, Anna writes beautifully! Re: the dossier, I guess we felt InkJam is not really about challenging gameplay, but we thought it might be frustrating in a classic-adventure-game-combine-the-chicken-with-the-pulley-sort-of-way if you felt like you were trying to read the intentions of the author in terms of what is best. But I get it; you emphasize one thing, and it means emphasizing something else a little less, and maybe something some players might like!

Anyway, really glad you still enjoyed the other parts of the game and appreciate you playing it!

- Sam