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Completely blown away by the visuals! The gameplay was appropriately brain-wracking and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. However, I unfortunately softlocked the game on my first playthrough by entering the wrong teleporter, as shown here: and had no choice but to reset the entire game. Despite this, I'm still amazed, good work!

- Basset

Fantastic game, breathtaking visuals. The menu background noise was a nice touch. The music is awesome. At first I wasn't so sure about the risk/reward for randomly choosing keys to see what they opened, but now that I have finished the game I realize that this is a super clever connection to the theme. Overall this game feels extremely polished. Well done!

- os_reboot


Thanks a bunch :D 

> However, I unfortunately softlocked the game

You always can press the button to go into your self to reset the game ;)