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Thanks for your comments and your very valuable feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed the game. I like the idea of a set of buttons on the left side as well as the idea for differentiating the areas of the control pad. These may make it into an update or sequel. 

Yes, I was hoping to minimize visual distance between the two player characters, but I totally hear what you’re saying. It’s something I’ll be thinking about. 

To be honest, the switch in stage 11 is kind of a vestigial remnant of when that stage was earlier in the game and still introducing that mechanic. It could very well have been cut, but hopefully doesn’t slow the pace of the game too much. 


Stage 11 switch:  That's what I suspected. Funny how you can get so used to something being a part of the stage that you don't realize when it's lost its purpose.

This is one of those kinds of games that you could easily come up with new twists for, kinda like BoxBoy. Good on you for not letting feature creep derail it. With that said, I'd definitely play a sequel with twice as many levels, especially  if you ironed out a few of the little kinks.